I’m thinking about how to bring innovation to my startup…

And I discovered something outrageous! 😱

I have no idea what the unique selling proposition (USP/UVP) I offer is. I have no idea what kind of wonder I am creating.


I reached this unpleasant conclusion while trying to decide whether to launch the website first so I could collect emails and do some preliminary SEO.

Naturally, I decided to follow this best practice.

But then I hit a dead end regarding how this site should look, what the texts should say, and so on. So, I did an intensive marketing session, where I took an important decision…


I’m going to mix things up a bit instead of competing in the broad area of general productivity applications…

Instead of trying to be one of many, I will “specialize” a bit. I will direct the applications specifically for freelancers like me.

Suddenly, another idea of mine came to the scene: experts.pub.

I don’t know if you remember, but this is intended to be a freelancing platform. So it occurred to me, why not make a “cold fusion” and unite the two ideas?

Voyage2Productivity + ExpertsPub = ❤️


And just like that – Boom 💥

I immediately realized the value I offer: “

“We create applications and software tools for productivity, which help freelancers get more work done faster so that they can reclaim their time and live happier without a decline in their productivity or income.”

Now I can create the site…